About Us

BETBAY is a sport betting brand name registered with Ministry of Trade and Investment and operating by ROCKSWOOD SECURITY LIMITED a company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with registration number – RC483885, under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a Limited Liability Company with its sports betting business operations in NIGERIA

BetBay was founded by a team of Investing Partners who agreed to pool resources together for the common goal of doing the business of sports and betting in a unique way, bearing in mind that its esteemed customers are 'wise' and want every betting action to be at optimum by making a choice in BetBay - the platform for the wise!

The Company was formed with the main aim to provide a trusted gaming and betting platform with the best and unbeatable odds, numerous and highly entertaining but rewarding gaming offers and superb team of experienced and professional Team.

Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission.

Our company mission is to contribute positively and actively, to socio-economic development through ethical and efficient operation of Sports Betting in a manner, that will engender a spirit of pride among its shareholders, key strategic partners and staff.

Our Vision.

BETBAY aims to re-invigorate sports betting through optimizing consumer experience, restoration of faith and trust in betting and showcasing its positive social contribution to our society. While proudly rooted in Nigeria, BETBAY’s vision is to set the benchmark for sports betting operations in Nigeria and beyond.

Our Core Values.

Integrity – We do the right thing. We are each personally accountable for the highest standard of behaviour. We are honest, trustworthy, respectful, fair, and ethical in all of our actions. We comply with laws, regulations, and company policies.

Quality – What we do, we do it well, every day. Each of us is responsible for the quality of whatever we do. We are committed to providing premium products and outstanding services. We aspire for excellence every day and don’t take shortcuts on execution. We are flexible and learn from our mistakes. We work hard to exceed expectations.

One Team, One Effort – We share an infectious sense of commitment to our mission. We treat one another with respect and understand the importance of communication - up and down and side to side. We value a willingness to pitch in. We understand our continued success requires us to effectively collaborate with stakeholders and partners.

Customer Centric – We understand our customers come to us by choice and we must earn their trust every day. We are fanatical about customer service. We listen and respond to our customers. When we miss the mark, we “wow” our customers on recovery. Each of us is passionate about creating a winning experience.

Innovative – We continuously look for ways to improve our games, deliver our products, and serve our customers. We think outside the box and seek the best ideas from anywhere within the organization. We foster creativity, innovation, and responsible risk taking and move quickly to seize opportunities.

Fun – We believe in having a sense of humour and a “can do” attitude. We believe that work should be an inviting, friendly place. We celebrate achievement and understand that success = fun.

Results Focused – We have the will to win! We each take personal responsibility for reaching the corporate goal to maximize returns to HOPE and GOOD.

Responsive - We are always ready to attend to you, your needs, advice, challenges, or enquiries leading to your best betting experiences on our platform. We know your time is priceless and we are always by you to ensure you stay winning and through your continuous engagement.

Passion - We are dedicated in heart and mind at ensuring that our customers’ passion that translate into sacrifice and hard work is respected with great winning


We take our Customer's feedback seriously. You are our self esteem. If you are not happy over any of our products and services, which will rarely occur, we will surely not be happy. As big and vast our platform is, we have only 'ONE' customer and it is YOU! With us you are a PLUS, and with you our plus value is guaranteed.


At BetBay, we know that every individual time and money count and we operate in a society where the most optimistic, hardworking creative and innovative set of humans reside, including you, and therefore we believe in the Nigeria dream and in so doing, we want to ensure everybody is a critical stakeholder.